Frequently Asked Questions for Event Organizers

What is AttyEvents?
AttyEvents is a website that allows organizations to manage, promote and sell tickets online to events for attorneys.

AttyEvents also allows attorneys to sell access to online videos.

How Do I Sell Tickets To My Live Event
It takes just 5 minutes to set up your account. Once you are approved, you can start adding your live events. You can add as many live events as you want. You set the price when you create your customizable registration page. As set forth below, you pay us no fees to sell tickets to live events.

How Do I Sell Tickets To My Videos?
It takes just 5 minutes to set up your account. Once you are approved, you can start creating your video registration page. Once you submit your video registration page, send us your video for upload into our system. Once uploaded, your video can be purchased for viewing by anyone. You must allow the buyer unlimited access for 1 year. You set the price. As set forth below, you pay us a negotiable percentage of each sale.

Does AttyEvents Handle the Sales Transaction?
Yes and you don't need a merchant account. You can use our secure credit card transaction software powered by PayPal to sell tickets online.

How do I get paid?
Three days after your event closes, we will send you a check in the mail. For videos, we will send you payment within 30 days of the date of purchase.

How much does it cost?

Live Events: You pay us nothing to use our services. You pay normal credit card transaction fees directly to PayPal whenever someone buys a ticket online using a credit card. PayPal transaction fees are as follows: 2.9% plus .30 cents per ticket sale. For example, when you sell a $50 ticket, you pay $1.45 + .30 =$1.75 to PayPal. Paypal fees may change or vary. You pay no other fees to use our service. If your event is free, you pay nothing.

Ticket buyers pay us a low 2% fee for each ticket. For example, if your ticket costs $50, then your attendees pay us a $1.00 convenience fee. There are no other fees.

Online Videos: You pay us a negotiable commission on each sale. This commission will vary from Seller to Seller. Contact us to discuss. You set the price for your video.

How does AttyEvents promote my event?
  • We promote your event and video on the home page of LawLink, the premier social network for attorneys.
  • Your organization receives a dedicated page where all your events are listed.
  • Your organization receives a free banner ad on LawLink directing attorneys to your event page.
  • Your event is promoted on our Twitter and Facebook accounts.
  • Your attendees can use our social media tools to spread the word about your event so that it can sell out.

What type of data on attendees does AttyEvents provide?
Once your event or video goes live, you can login to your account and start accessing data on your attendees. You can download your guest list to take with you to your event and access the number of tickets sold, names of attendees, and total revenue generated all in real time.

Company Information
AttyEvents was founded by attorney Steven Choi who has been an attorney for over 26 years. AttyEvents is the sister site of LawLink, the first social network exclusively for the legal community.

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