About Us
What We Do
We help organizations manage, promote and sell out their attorney events and online videos by providing an online management tool that allows any organization or person to manage, promote and sell out their attorney events.

Our Mission
To help event organizers maximize profit and minimize work by providing them with an end to end, Internet based solution to event management and promotion.


For live events, organizers pay us nothing and only pay standard credit card transaction fees to PayPal when selling tickets online. Ticket buyers pay a small 2% commission on each ticket they purchase.

For online videos, sellers pay a negotiable percentage of the price of the video as a commission. This percentage varies from seller to seller. Ticket buyers don’t pay us any fees to access the videos.

Who We Are
AttyEvents is part of the LawLink network of attorney websites and was launched in August 2010.

LawLink is the first and premier social network for attorneys and was launched in 2007. LawLink has over 9,000 members and receives over 160,000 visitors per month. LawLink has been featured in dozens of media articles. See Press.

GroupESQ is the first group buying website for attorneys. GroupESQ features great deals offered by companies that want to sell to large groups of attorneys. GroupESQ launched in April 2010.

LawLink was founded by Steven Choi, who has been an attorney since 1983.

How It Works
For Live Event Organizers

Registering Your Organization
It takes less than 5 minutes to fill out our one page registration form. Click on the image on the right to view, or register now.

In most cases, it will take us less than 24 hours to approve your application. Once we do you can start adding events to our site.

Creating Your Event Page
Custom create an event page on your own computer. You enter the event title, dates, location and event description into a simple form seen at the right.

Create multiple ticket types at various prices and limit the number of tickets that can be purchased. You can edit and/or delete your event page at any time. Then submit your event. Attorneys can now start buying tickets to your event directly from your event page using our credit card processing software powered by PayPal.
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Promoting Your Event
In addition to promoting your event on our Facebook and Twitter pages, we promote your event on LawLink, the first and premier social network for attorneys, which receives over 160,000 visitors per month.
  1. Your event is prominently featured on LawLink's home page.
  2. Your organization receives a free banner ad on LawLink that links to your dedicated events page on AttyEvents.
  3. Your event appears in our newsletter that is sent out to our over 9,000 members.
  4. Your attendees can share your event on their Facebook and Twitter pages using our social media tools

Selling Tickets
Sell tickets online without a merchant account using our secure credit card transaction software powered by PayPal. We handle everything and send you a check 48 hours after your event, or if you have a PayPal account, we'll email your funds the day after your event.

Your attendees download their ticket directly from our website. You don't need to do anything. The ticket has the buyer's name and a unique ticket number that you can track. (See below.)

You pay us NOTHING and only pay standard credit card transaction fees to PayPal, which are currently 2.9% plus .30 per transaction. On a $50 ticket, PayPal charges $1.45 + .30 = $1.75. (Once our volume goes up, PayPal will lower their charge to 2.2% plus .30.)

Your attendees pay a small 2% convenience fee to us. On a $50 ticket, the convenience fee is $1.00.

Create multiple ticket types with different prices. You can even sell blocks of tickets for a discounted price. We offer total flexibility in creating ticket types.

Track Your Attendees and Ticket Sales
Use our charts to keep track of your attendees, ticket sales and revenue information. Just log into your account and you'll have instant access to your event data in real time.

We track total tickets sold, total ticket revenue, total PayPal fees, net revenue, number of buyers, and the name and contact information for each buyer.

Download Your Guest List At Any Time
Just login to your account and download your guest list in an excel file. Guests are listed alphabetical by name, but you can sort your list any way you want. Take your guest list with you to your event and mark off your guests as they enter.

For Ticket Buyers
AttyEvents is the easiest and most convenient way to buy a ticket to an attorney event.

Buying Your Ticket
Select the event and the ticket type and enter your contact and credit card information. Submit and download your ticket. If you lose your ticket, you can always login and download another ticket.

To see how it works, buy a "free" ticket to our Sample Event.

We charge a small 2% convenience fee. A $50 ticket has a $1 convenience fee.

Secure Credit Card Transaction
AttyEvents is a PayPal accredited website and PayPal powers all credit card transactions. Your credit card number is transmitted by SSL using state of the art encryption technology. Our encryption is by Thawte, which is a subsidiary of Verisign.